Ask on Expert Photographer πŸ“Έ

Asalamualaikum friends, πŸ€“

Thank God I have a chance to interview someone a photographer and his name Dicky Hendarwan and used to be called Doy. He graduated from DIII akutansi, it will be surprised, The career he was a photographer. (I am surprised that the hearing).

And Achievements feat that had been achieved. The one Competition Photo Valentine 2006 , The top ten Pesta Blogger 2008 Se Indonesia, The one Competition Photo Telkom Flexi West Kalimantan 2009, The one National Geographic Channel HD Se Indonesia Kategori Nature 2011, The hope one Competition Photo Hut ke 23 Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI) Se Indonesia 2011, The hope Competition Photography Bank Central Asia (BCA) area Pontianak 2012, and The top 12 Competition  Photo Awan Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika (BMKG) Se Indonesia 2017.

At first he likes photography From school have started to learn photography at first still camera that uses film, from 2006 using the camera digital and decide to seriously in the field of photography. At first he liked the world of photography “because I think the picture can perpetuate the moment that’s been through, sometimes the picture can explain what’s hard to explain with words”.Doy, he said.

He also used to follow the places that are not of course and beautiful for a photo, “If hunting doesn’t necessarily the place, because I like to photograph momment, I’m more interested in the human interest”.Doy, he said.

When asked about the dreams in the future, Doy said.“A dream or passion that has not materialized, because when I started to pursue the world photography I just want to make pictures that I can enjoy and others like, and it is already happening”. 

The following collections are collections of his, that motivated you for those who want to kind of like photography.

Interview the same doy is fun and a lot of things that are obtained. What a friendly and open so when I’m talking together. Well, of me. πŸ€“

Robots in The Home (Reading Skills)

A.Pre-reading questions

   1.Robots will make our live better just like help is us in working on a difficult job.Robots make our live worse because the robots make us lazy doing somthing.

   2. A robots that can teach all the languages in the world.


Paragraph 1 : This trend will allow us to live richer as robots take over boring housework duties.

Paragraph 2 : Finally, in the same way that Microsoft developed are now beginning to write computer code for a potential common robot operating system.
Paragraph 3 : Some people may oppose the idea of robots in every home, but most of us will happily welcome them in our lives.
C. Identifying topic and main idea

   1. Which of the following best deascribes the topic of the text? Answer : A.Computers and robots.

   2. Which of the following best deascribes 5he main idea of the text? Answer : B. Some poeple oppose robots in the home for several reasons.

E. Identifying opinions.

   3. Look at the list of jobs below. Wgich arw you happy for robots to do in the future? 

Answer : 

a. Airline Pilot : Robots can’t be Airline Pilot because become an Airline Pilot needsa high concentration and awareness.

b. Cook :  Robots can beacook because a cook not a difficult job.

c. Doctor : Robots can’t be a doctor because become a doctor need a ability about health.

d. Police Officer : Robots can’t be a Police Officer because robots can’t serve the people.

e. Singer : Robots can’t beasinger because robots can’t besaid better.

f. Stone Clerk : Robots can be store clerk because robots can be set to have a high speed.

g. Taxi Driver : Robots can’t be a taxi driver because there is some term canditions that human have to take adecision.

h. Teacher : Robots can be a teacher because robots can teach us all the langwages.

Robots in the Home (Critical cartoons)

We are now at a time when science and technology became the foundation of the most important thing for the life of mankind.The robot also aimed to help with the work of human beings need concentration, need energy without stopping and so on.πŸ€–πŸ€–πŸ€–

1.I uced at least 10 elektronic deviees. Mixer,Blander,The wash,Television,AC,Laptop,Handphone,Motorcycle,Refrigerator, and The fan.

2.Activities the robots do today like blend some fruits or make sone juice. It would be great if robots could bring we around the world without pulled out the slightest to go there.

3.Washing clothes because it can make our bodies be healthy. 

Robots in the Home (Core vocabulary)

Career = an accupation or profession,especially one reguiring special training followed as ane’s urework.

Oppose = to set against is some relation,es pecially as to demonstrate a compartson or contrast.

Code = a system for communication by telegraph.

Adopt = to accept or start to use something new.

Aid = support.

Effort = Physical or mental activity needed to achieve something.

Force = Strength or power

Potential = Capable of development into actually potential benefits.

Doubt = to be uncertain about consider questionable or unlrkely hesitate to belive.

Serve = to affee or have a meal or refresh ments avallable,as for patrons or guests.

I can’t imagine life without my glasses πŸ€“.

πŸ‘“Glasses. Have minus eye indeed not a choice we want. Distance reading and watching too close,and the use of the computer for too long are some of the causes why we finally put on the glasses.For some people using the glasses is a trouble some thing. Bother because of the glasses must be brought everywhere, should be cleaned frequently, especially if broken up, aduuuuhhhh….! 😲 But many people are not aware of if you wear glasses it can also look fashionable.According to friends, glasses frame that you’re wearing does not correspond to the shape of your face. Many are turning on contact lenses, ‘ cause they think is more comfortable and giving confidence. But anyway, glasses minus is a better choice than a contact lens. It’s safer, and friends can still be when you use it.

Imagine how my life without glasses,πŸ’₯ yes .. everything that looks do not clear, maybe even could not see the beauty of the worldπŸŒπŸžπŸ–πŸ—»πŸ..I began to wear glasses since the 2 sd.The doctor said, I descendants of both my parents. At that time mines I’ve 500. forced to wear glasses.Surely in between you were like me. Every waking up, that sought the first time glasses, right? Right? Let’s admit 😊Now I’ve been 18 years always wearing glasses. Because it has been used to, glasses has become one of the accessories that must be for me to wear every day even as swim🏊 also I had glasses if not, I could not see the people around meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚A little stubborn, even if the banned 🀣

The point I can not imagine if my life was accompanied by glasses who always accompany me when I was. Hes can not be separated from my life!πŸ€“πŸ‘“πŸ•Ά

My Skills in The Arts

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahiwabarokatu 

what’s up friends ? certainly not.. the news of me alhamdulillah good too, although a week ago not feeling so good.. but I keep the spirit of the course… πŸ’ͺ

The post this week I will tell the skills what I was doing and developed over the last 18 years. 

Since childhood I’ve been introduced to art.. especially art of painting and the art of dance.. yes, from the TK I start channeling the skill of to in the dance during a farewell event.. when it was my first time performing in front of public especially my friends.The skill of the art of dance me, I practice until I entered  SD.. my friends and I follow “PORSENI” dance competition between schools that the first time we follow. Even if we did not bring home the championship. at least, we keep practicing, so we can look steadily at the farewell our senior… 😁😁

Oh yes, my mom also signed me up to the dance studio.. but unfortunately I can only study only up to grade 5 SD, because the focus should be to exam time clear 6. But when 5 sd grade I also tried to join the contest-drawing contest,a lot of the race which I follow but still, I haven’t been able to take home the champion at that time πŸ˜”.. But both of my parents are still supporting the my hobby. πŸ˜šπŸ˜™ I love mom and dad.since I’m still practicing continuously without any teaching, can be said to practice their own to paint.and I proved that “hard work is it’s not disappointing results”. because I’ve proven during my training finally in SMP, I managed to bring some trophies, I remember when the first time I get 1st place and the trophy I brought home, there I remember an expression my father when you receive and see that trophy, so proud, her expression that time.. :”). So also in SMA, thank god I saw the same expression on both my parents.. 😊😊 Until now also I still practice a lot and pass on my skills to paint.. since entering university I know a lot of the same new friends and seniors who have the same hobby with me and we exchange thoughts together..πŸ˜ƒ

Here are some of the collection of pictures that I made. 

for friends who have the skills and want to develop it, don’t stop to practice continuously because once again “the hard work will not be disappointing results”πŸ‘πŸ‘
There are several my collection, just follow my instagram @annisadapart 
Thank you πŸ™‹ Wassalamualaikum warohmatullahiwabarokatu.. 

“why proceed to the university ?and why choose chemistry ?”

​Good morning,good afternoon and good evening friends , how are you ? Definitely not.. although again read this there sick.. gws for you.

 Friends, welcome to a blog posting both my warm greetings to all of us.

 This time I want to tell you guys.. already see the title of this blog about “why proceed to the university ?and why choose chemistry ?”

 Certainly a lot of friends who confused how to go on to college or directly to work and stop for a moment the rest of the brain that have to think hard when the school exam and the national exam πŸ˜„

 Ooh yes good yes also already pass the national examination with a satisfactory score and the values averaged do not be discouraged because a person’s success is not measured value but our effort and hard work.

 The further course yes.. Why proceed to the university ? Yeah I say go with the flow, that’s right.. one of the reason for me to continue to the university of yes it is and certainly if not in college, it feels envy wrote the same friends.. so at the time of graduation I was determined to go to college wherever and the department of any important lecture!.Now I’m already 2nd semester at the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences chemistry, university of tanjungpura in pontianak, west kalimantan. Alhamdullilah I’ve been through 1 semester with the results of the average gpa πŸ˜† but basically I’m less concerned partner yourself the same as high school.. already know to be able to pass snptn ak have to ride a diagram of its value,when a school friend of my improve the value ak instead just relax accept what is.. and of course I can’t list snptn because my grades are up and down.. hehehehe Because I’m interested to faculty of arts.. I took the test at ISI Yogyakarta and choose the design of the interior but just the same.. I’m not accepted there 😊Sbmptn arrived, there I choose to keep fine art in ITB, fine art UNJ and the third Chemistry in UNTAN
While in the waiting for has arrived.. the time of graduation announcement.. I got doubts again.. happy and sad.. there it is written “Pass in chemistry faculty of mathematical natural sciences”,ak was very confused that time because I really want to study in the faculty of arts..But because should be grateful because it is not easy to get an opportunity like this..😊

 It seems like just yes the story… smoga bermanfaat writing this.. hopefully if there is a chance.. I’ll continue the story.. I will story about the life or daily I asked her how,and best friend-my best friend who always support me and encourage me to keep learning and trying..



Pada postingan pertama saya, saya akan menceritakan tentang biodata diri saya sendiri. Pertama perkenalkan nama saya Annisa Dyah Astari Putri bisa juga dipanggil Nisa,Anis dan Annisa. Saya berasal dari Pontianak, alamat saya di Jl.Parit Haji Husin Komp.Puri Akcaya 3 No.C1 Pontianak.  Saya beragama islam, saya anak pertama dari 1 bersaudara wkwkw bilang aja anak tunggal. Saya lahir di Pontianak,28 mei 1998, sekarang umur saya sudah menginjak 19 tahun. Saya bergolongan darah A sama seperti ayah saya. Sekarang saya berkuliah di UNIVERSITAS TANJUNGPURA Jurusan MIPA KIMIA, Saya mempunyai beberapa hobi yang saya gemari seperti ; Menggambar, Jalan-jalan, dan yang lagi saya pelajari tentang Fotografi.Oh iya saya Comate loh…(Cukup tahu). Sekian biodata singkat diri saya, silakan tunggu postingan-postingan blog blog saya selanjutnya. Mungkin bisa berbagi tentang kesukaan-kesukaan ku yang lainnya.. see you next blog… :):) 

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