The Speech Short ” Self Disicipline “

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatu.

       Ladies and gentlemen, i want to introduce you to, my name is annisa dyah astari putri. Today i’m gon na deliver a speech titled self discipiline.

       Cleanliness is part of the faith, all of us already know about the importance of hygiene either physical or spiritual and the surrounding environment. Why do you have to clean? Because we may not be comfortable and peaceful if something that we live and our bodies. Speaking of hygiene, this time i’m going to talk about what to do with cleanliness.

      Ladies and gentlemen. How much rubbish accumulated in a day. The orange to work hard everyday to transport, clean the garbage. How the task of the army orange. Need we are a ware that it was coming from us, household garbage, and other rubbish, like the shit out of the market, schools, companies and more.

       Ladies and gentlemen, if we discipline ourselves in the trash will certainly be emulated by our grandchildren and people all around us. Then we would benefit from it, therefore, let’s teach them selves perhaps to children about the importance of keeping his clean so that they are going to be a healthy, intelligent, and i like to do good. With teach personal hygiene to children, hopefully they can be independent and was used to overcome a difficult thing to do as we know in the present is still a lot of people who don’t care about the cleanliness of the environment and let into the city with discipline yourself and be followed by our children, may be at least we can help the orange in the cleanliness of the environment.

      Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how a short apeech that i can tell you, hopefully what i have to say useful be executed. I finally i say thank you for you attention.

Wassalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatu.

Here are link video.⬇


My Activities (8 Day)

Wednesday 10 may 2017                                       All fakutas closed to test preparation SBMPTN. But does not apply in the study program Faculty of our, because of one of the lecturer asking for hours to his courses, we were still go to college. During the day proceed with lab until 6 p.m.

Thursday 11 may 2017                                           The morning as usual washing clothes weekly and during the day friends pdd I came to my house to make a candle lampion to show on 21 may later. In the evening I take about SBMPTN to my friend’s house, home eating ramen noodles and accompany rida shopping.

Friday 12 may 2017                                                 Because it is still a holiday, so I woke up at 10 am hehe it’s also because of the ways because it promises to deliver my mother to the bank and shopping for the store and I’m shopping for the pdd to the event date 21 may later. At home rest a little and continued to make reports and journal until late at night.

Saturday 13 may 2017                                                The morning I still continue the reports and journals that have not been completed. the afternoon practicum until 6 pm. Privateer continued to make a pamphlet for H – event date 21 may later.
Sunday 14 may 2017                                                   An unexpected day. because the next morning I was cold under the duvet and feel the pain in my head. yes today I got sick, but this day also there is appointment to the acc calculation for the report. finally I force to write the calculation with the state withstand that pain. Fortunately a friend group me kindly to give her to my calculations which I made with difficulty. Thanks tya 😊                                              In the evening I forced myself again to work on the report will be collected tomorrow Monday. my mother and father could not prohibit because it’s a job, they can just take care of me.. thanks a lot mom and dad I love you guys. πŸ˜™πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜

Monday 15 may 2017                                                  I still force myself to keep working on the report but alhamdulillah heard the info that the collection report is delayed until Tuesday. hearing the news that both my parents said “first break if you have healthy new dilanjutin again his report” I follow what they say.
Tuesday 16 may 2017                                                 The next morning I already feel better. although still back and forth to the toilet because there is disorder in the digestion and continue the report again. One of the friends of  group practicum were also kind enough to give my report. trimaksih tika 😊😊. The evening continued with reports and journal until late at night again.
Wednesday 17 may 2017                                          Because still working on the report until 4 am, I get up in the morning and finally do not go to college. during the day I just make sure you can come up practicum as practicum group we are short of people if I am not turned on don’t know how masib group of my lab work. Home I go straight to bed Zzz.
maybe this is the only course that I can for kekalian.. sorry if its content is less important.. yes this was my activities during holidays lecture with lab work, reports and journals of the beloved.

My Future Business

Business in the future?πŸ€”πŸ€“ Yes, from the beginning until now I have a lot of I want in the future. One in business.

I want to have a house design. Because I was an expert in design insyaallah 😊. Maybe I can do now is looking for inspiration for my business on this one, because I need a lot of ideas and a new way that not many people use for business, for example, I want to make t-shirts , pillows, cups, bags, notebooks and so much more. All those things I design with a picture of my own like face painting or writing anything that consumers want. All that stuff I’m production could to a birthday present, a gift to a friend or girlfriend if there are 😁.

Just need the courage to start and believe in themselves to realize it all. hopefully my wish can be achieved this for the future, I have to brave the risk if you want all of this achieved πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

Our Robot’s

Kiki : assalamualaikum nisa

Nisa : waalaikumsalam

Kiki : How are you today?

Nisa : i’m fine, and you?

Kiki : i’m fine too

Nisa : you know their robot’s comppetition?

Kiki : really? When?

Nisa : yes next year, are you interisting about robots comppetition with me?

Kiki : it’s sound good. But what kind of robots has we want to make?

Nisa : I think it showd be able useful for outhers

Kiki : I will features robots that can help us control the home from home.

Nisa : and then can help cleaning the home.

Kiki : yeah, good idea so you mean that our robots is become our comunicate at home.

Nisa : yes you right

Kiki : this robots is controlled using the ipad 

Nisa : it’s sound good.

Kiki : what is the name of the robots?

Nisa : how, we call this robots “controller home”.

Kiki : yes i agree.

To her video can be seen in this link

How to Make DIY Photo’s Wall DecorΒ 

Asalamualaikum friends, πŸ€“

Now I’m going to make DIY Photo’s Wall Decor.

        First you have to prepare is the Frame made of colorful paper, paperclip the photo or paper clip, scissors, string, nail, and not to forget the photos that you like.

         let’s start with cutting the photos to fit the frame size you’ve got, after all the photos are already framed, attach the nail into the wall and then wrap the rope to the nail 1 with the spikes other. selanjurnya flops photos already framed together with the rope using a clamp.. yay! so.. .very easy, isn’t it? good luck friends 😊

Please see the video below for more details…thanks guys

Ask on Expert Photographer πŸ“Έ

Asalamualaikum friends, πŸ€“

Thank God I have a chance to interview someone a photographer and his name Dicky Hendarwan and used to be called Doy. He graduated from DIII akutansi, it will be surprised, The career he was a photographer. (I am surprised that the hearing).

And Achievements feat that had been achieved. The one Competition Photo Valentine 2006 , The top ten Pesta Blogger 2008 Se Indonesia, The one Competition Photo Telkom Flexi West Kalimantan 2009, The one National Geographic Channel HD Se Indonesia Kategori Nature 2011, The hope one Competition Photo Hut ke 23 Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI) Se Indonesia 2011, The hope Competition Photography Bank Central Asia (BCA) area Pontianak 2012, and The top 12 Competition  Photo Awan Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika (BMKG) Se Indonesia 2017.

At first he likes photography From school have started to learn photography at first still camera that uses film, from 2006 using the camera digital and decide to seriously in the field of photography. At first he liked the world of photography “because I think the picture can perpetuate the moment that’s been through, sometimes the picture can explain what’s hard to explain with words”.Doy, he said.

He also used to follow the places that are not of course and beautiful for a photo, “If hunting doesn’t necessarily the place, because I like to photograph momment, I’m more interested in the human interest”.Doy, he said.

When asked about the dreams in the future, Doy said.“A dream or passion that has not materialized, because when I started to pursue the world photography I just want to make pictures that I can enjoy and others like, and it is already happening”. 

The following collections are collections of his, that motivated you for those who want to kind of like photography.

Interview the same doy is fun and a lot of things that are obtained. What a friendly and open so when I’m talking together. Well, of me. πŸ€“

Robots in The Home (Reading Skills)

A.Pre-reading questions

   1.Robots will make our live better just like help is us in working on a difficult job.Robots make our live worse because the robots make us lazy doing somthing.

   2. A robots that can teach all the languages in the world.


Paragraph 1 : This trend will allow us to live richer as robots take over boring housework duties.

Paragraph 2 : Finally, in the same way that Microsoft developed are now beginning to write computer code for a potential common robot operating system.
Paragraph 3 : Some people may oppose the idea of robots in every home, but most of us will happily welcome them in our lives.
C. Identifying topic and main idea

   1. Which of the following best deascribes the topic of the text? Answer : A.Computers and robots.

   2. Which of the following best deascribes 5he main idea of the text? Answer : B. Some poeple oppose robots in the home for several reasons.

E. Identifying opinions.

   3. Look at the list of jobs below. Wgich arw you happy for robots to do in the future? 

Answer : 

a. Airline Pilot : Robots can’t be Airline Pilot because become an Airline Pilot needsa high concentration and awareness.

b. Cook :  Robots can beacook because a cook not a difficult job.

c. Doctor : Robots can’t be a doctor because become a doctor need a ability about health.

d. Police Officer : Robots can’t be a Police Officer because robots can’t serve the people.

e. Singer : Robots can’t beasinger because robots can’t besaid better.

f. Stone Clerk : Robots can be store clerk because robots can be set to have a high speed.

g. Taxi Driver : Robots can’t be a taxi driver because there is some term canditions that human have to take adecision.

h. Teacher : Robots can be a teacher because robots can teach us all the langwages.

Robots in the Home (Critical cartoons)

We are now at a time when science and technology became the foundation of the most important thing for the life of mankind.The robot also aimed to help with the work of human beings need concentration, need energy without stopping and so on.πŸ€–πŸ€–πŸ€–

1.I uced at least 10 elektronic deviees. Mixer,Blander,The wash,Television,AC,Laptop,Handphone,Motorcycle,Refrigerator, and The fan.

2.Activities the robots do today like blend some fruits or make sone juice. It would be great if robots could bring we around the world without pulled out the slightest to go there.

3.Washing clothes because it can make our bodies be healthy. 

Robots in the Home (Core vocabulary)

Career = an accupation or profession,especially one reguiring special training followed as ane’s urework.

Oppose = to set against is some relation,es pecially as to demonstrate a compartson or contrast.

Code = a system for communication by telegraph.

Adopt = to accept or start to use something new.

Aid = support.

Effort = Physical or mental activity needed to achieve something.

Force = Strength or power

Potential = Capable of development into actually potential benefits.

Doubt = to be uncertain about consider questionable or unlrkely hesitate to belive.

Serve = to affee or have a meal or refresh ments avallable,as for patrons or guests.

I can’t imagine life without my glasses πŸ€“.

πŸ‘“Glasses. Have minus eye indeed not a choice we want. Distance reading and watching too close,and the use of the computer for too long are some of the causes why we finally put on the glasses.For some people using the glasses is a trouble some thing. Bother because of the glasses must be brought everywhere, should be cleaned frequently, especially if broken up, aduuuuhhhh….! 😲 But many people are not aware of if you wear glasses it can also look fashionable.According to friends, glasses frame that you’re wearing does not correspond to the shape of your face. Many are turning on contact lenses, ‘ cause they think is more comfortable and giving confidence. But anyway, glasses minus is a better choice than a contact lens. It’s safer, and friends can still be when you use it.

Imagine how my life without glasses,πŸ’₯ yes .. everything that looks do not clear, maybe even could not see the beauty of the worldπŸŒπŸžπŸ–πŸ—»πŸ..I began to wear glasses since the 2 sd.The doctor said, I descendants of both my parents. At that time mines I’ve 500. forced to wear glasses.Surely in between you were like me. Every waking up, that sought the first time glasses, right? Right? Let’s admit 😊Now I’ve been 18 years always wearing glasses. Because it has been used to, glasses has become one of the accessories that must be for me to wear every day even as swim🏊 also I had glasses if not, I could not see the people around meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚A little stubborn, even if the banned 🀣

The point I can not imagine if my life was accompanied by glasses who always accompany me when I was. Hes can not be separated from my life!πŸ€“πŸ‘“πŸ•Ά